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Hopeful is a female-founded British brand created by Dominique Hatt and Liz Toomer in 2018.  Here is a little of the Hopeful London story.
Dominique had been living in beautiful Barbados for five years with her husband and three young children when her life was turned upside down overnight after she lost her husband in a tragic accident.  Through the love and support of family and friends she did what anyone in a similar situation must do and changed the direction of her life.  After lots of discussion and several glasses of wine with her old friend Liz, Hopeful London was born.  
Dominique explains: ‘The creative process was a path to healing for me when I lost my husband.  I found some sanctuary being immersed in the creative process.
Combining Dominique’s creative flair and fashion industry experience, with Liz’s incredible eye and business acumen, they have built Hopeful London into a timeless and beautiful British brand.  
Liz explains: ‘They say don't work with friends, I totally disagree!  Working together with Dom has been a journey in the true sense.  I love nothing more than the joy that comes from designing new styles, sourcing new materials and doing my best to organise our Hopeful life!  Our skill sets compliment each other perfectly and we are great at picking each other up when we need to and always remaining 'hopeful' in everything we do.'
We love what we do and are a small and vibrant team. Our bags are made by
hand in small batches (to minimise environmental impact), we pack orders on our boardroom table (breakfast bar), we shoot new collections in our studio (front room), and we lovingly tie-on tags by hand and write messages to our customers.
With six kids between them Dominique and Liz have been creating, debating, manically juggling, power packing and pouring their heart and soul into Hopeful London since 2018.
Dominique adds: ‘We sew a little hope into everything we make, and we hope our timeless bags bring you joy.  Thank you so much for supporting us.’
Dominque & Liz x